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We can provide complete Administration Services.
  • Database Management - One of the primary assets on any organization is its information.  The ability to report this information quickly, completely and accurately is key in deriving value from this information.  A key competency of OES Management is the ability to develop and maintain information,  membership list, prospect, sponsors and other contact list, in a manner that enables the organization to draw upon customized output.  This allows quickly derived data to drive any initiative.

  • Membership Services - Making certain that members are well served is the primary initiative of any organization. OES Management will ensure that there is always someone available to answer questions and address concerns.  Concerned “customer service” and rapid responses are the central principal in how we approach the “care and feeding” of our client members.

  • Education and Certification Tracking - We can track membership Ongoing Education Credits, or develop and track any other certifications.

  • Accounting and Financial Administration - Complete, concise, competitively priced accounting services.  

  • Scheduling and Calendar - Managing the board schedule, keeping the volunteer board on time and on track. 

  • Collections - With many years of collections experience for industry, the staff of OES Management has the ability to handle the collections function professionally and politely. 

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